Sunday, September 14, 2014

This is what I am, if even I am anything at all.

Sometimes, someone hurts you so bad
It stops hurting at all
Until something makes you feel again
Then it all comes back;
Every word,
Every hurt,
Every moment.

How could you ever understand where I come from?
Even if you ask,
Even if you listen,
You do not really hear or see or feel. You don’t remember my story.
You haven’t walked my path.
You haven’t seen what I've seen.

My past defines me.
This is who I am.
I am unseen, unheard, unwanted. That is what I am, If even I am anything.

I think everyone should see this video.  Sometimes I claim that I have lost that empathy for people, as I sit quietly judging the soft reality around me.  Then I saw this and realized it's not lost... Never was.  It's just more guarded for those who deserve it.
I was never a foster child, in a sense, but this story can help those who have come from a bad situation be understood by everyone else.
#abuse, #violence, #empathy, #foster care, #amazing poetry

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